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Professional education is an ongoing process, where every accountant or a CPA must be up to date with the latest knowledge. At Texas CPA, we offer our members a continuous education scheme on accounting throughout their careers.

Talk by professional about gaining domain knowledge

Career Awareness

Many students who have the potential to excel in the accounting profession primarily lack awareness and jump to other careers. We suggest that you talk to our professionals and get to know about the programs and internships available to gain some domain knowledge. When your goal is to establish a successful career for yourself, it is always wise to start early.

Group of professionals socializing to expand network

Community Involvement

Join our community that is made up of professionals who socialize and even do community service. It also helps you to expand your accounting professionals’ network in business and industry.

Person making presentation to improve leadership skills

Leadership Development

Our curriculum and programs are designed to include aspects that help our members develop the competencies required to make them successful professionals.

Continuous training programs at affordable cost

Affordable Fees

As we understand that learning is a lifetime process, we offer concessions on continuous training programs.

Get In Touch

Contact our team and get in touch with our members to learn more about training and licensing.

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